1. logan

    I keep a 6B carpenter’s style sketching pencil on my desk to use as the graphite equivalent of a Sharpie, but I’m probably not the norm.

  2. Jeff The Bear

    I keep them to mark rough cuts for woodworking. Even sharpened they aren’t good for precise cuts. I use a marking gauge or knife for that. They tend to get used up fast when marking rough surfaces, breaking, and getting lost.

    I also have 2 or 3 of different hardnesses for sketching. They can be sharpened to a knife edge and combined with the width can be useful, certainly different from the usual pointed pencil.

  3. Michael

    Derwent’s Drawing Pencil is a wax based coloured pencil. Originally it was available in black, white and four brown/ochre shades as a round pencil and as flat carpenter style. I did use the flat ones but i haven’t seen them for years now.

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