Stealing Ikea Pencils.

Okay, I, ahem, forgot to remove the Ikea pencil from my shirt pocket last month when I was picking up a few items. Sure, I had a “better” pencil in my pocket also and didn’t need that Ikea pencil. But my daughter was fascinated by it, and it was good to grip with a squirmy toddler and holiday crowds. I came across a Flickr group today featuring “stolen” Ikea pencils, including one fitted with a ferrule — and is that a Faber-Castell “perfect pencil” cap on there?

(Don’t forget to check out the Pencil Revolution group that’s been active since 2005 and counting.)

3 thoughts on “Stealing Ikea Pencils.”

  1. I was crazy about the idea of having a few of these pencils. But writing with one is like writing with a nail. Actually, a nail would be smoother. Are these pencils generally rough and unpleasant? Do they vary in quality?

    1. In my experience, they do vary in quality from new nail to rusty old nail. : )
      But there’s something about them…maybe the illicit nature of the only way to own one (stealing it).

  2. To me, IKEA pencils seem great simply because they are “free”. It’s much like sneaking those hotel shampoos into your suitcase or pilfering the condiment bar at fast food restaurants. The mere fact that they are there for the taking makes them all the more enjoyable. In fact, I tend to get a little carried away while walking through the IKEA showrooms and I end up taking as much as a small handfull of pencils from each station. Now I have an overflowing shoebox filled with IKEA pencils. Maybe I need professional help…

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