Basement Sharpener.


From Comrade Dan:

“In Parkville, in a basement by a work bench…I thought it was a neat, well loved sharpener. Unfortunately it looked as if it hadn’t been used in a while.”

Do other Comrades have strategically placed sharpeners, mounted or otherwise? (I keep a single-burr in my dining room on a bookshelf, where it’s easily accessible from the kitchen or living room.)

7 Replies to “Basement Sharpener.”

  1. When we moved into our house in 1981, we found a sharpener mounted just inside the door to the pantry. It was cheap and plastic, though, and so I replaced it w an all-metal one.

  2. I have this exact sharpener attached to a bookcase mounted above my desk that’s been there for maybe half a century(?). It still sharpens pencils beautifully.

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