1. Daniel Fielding Smith

    I havent tried sharpening a Carpenter’s pencil yet. But, since about June of 2012, I have used a small, folding knife to sharpen my regular pencils. The newer Blackwings. The knife is use is a US made one by Benchmade, and occasionally, I use a Swiss Officers knife.

  2. I would suggest getting a good pocket knife rather than using a utility knife. Those things suck for sharpening pencils. They are made to cut straight down and not made to whittle.

  3. david bogie

    When I was much younger and wearing a toolbelt on a stage crew, the lead carpenter’s girlfriend taught us how to sharpen flat carpenter pencils. Dave is correct, you need a pocket knife. A good pocket knife. And it must be wicked sharp. Utility knives are completely wrong for this task and once you have developed a nice point with a good knife you will understand why.

    Pocket knives are as individual and fun as fountain pens and mechanical pencils. Keeping the blades sharp is a basic skill everyone should know. I have a beautiful handmade blade but I carry a utilitarian Swiss Army for everyday tasks.

  4. I will have to sharpen up my old BSA knife — it’s old enough to be USA-made (!). :)
    (Just in time for a camp-out this weekend.)

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