1. Nice review! So nice I went over and ordered a couple sets (and gave your review the credit for the order, btw).

    I must say, though, the camp motif is a big turnoff for me. Some folks may think those cool, but I ordered a black and a natural pack…though tempted by the raging orange.

    Their shopping cart, however, is pretty plain. I had to fill it out three times since I changed my mind on 1 vs. 2 sets, then changed colors. But that’s something they can evolve. Will be interesting to see what else comes from Word Notebooks in the future!

    • Excellent! I’d like to read your take, Gary, seriously. I have the “natural” and the “Swedish camo.” I think I’m definitely hitting orange next. A nice set of GRAPHITE grey would be pretty nice, too. :)

  2. […] We’re written about Word. books before, and we’ve even been lucky enough to do a giveaway.* I simply love this paper for graphite. I don’t actually use the note system Word. has developed, but I use the lines, which are nicely-spaced. I’d love a dotgrid or blank version of these books, to be sure. […]

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