Off to the Spring Woods.

I am off to the woods for the weekend, for some spring temperatures, shortwave radio, fire and hiking with Comrade Dan. Sans pencil sharpener or sharpeners. I’ve got my knife sharp enough to have made a nice, clean, little cut on my finger that healed in twelve hours. I think it can handle some cedar.

How many pencil aficionados does it take to have an excellent camping trip in Central Maryland? Hopefully just two.
We’ll be back this coming week with a review of USA Silver pencils and a report from the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC.

[That’s a 1990, USA-made Camillus BSA “Official” knife I won for selling the most popcorn.]

7 Replies to “Off to the Spring Woods.”

  1. Shortwave radio. Check. Field notebook and pencil. Check. Pocketknife and flashlight. Check. Beer. Don’t forget the beer, Comrade!

    1. Unfortunately, the state park prohibited alcohol. know….if you leave bourbon in your pack and forget about it until you get there…. :)

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