Graphite Free.

With Second Baby arriving any day now at Pencil Revolution HQ, authors like Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl have been on my mind. Mr. Dahl famously preferred Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, and I was doing a little internet searching after an excellent dinner out last night. I have no idea how I’ve missed this site for years now: Graphite Free is the online journal (hence no graphite) of a very witty lady who works at Space Camp. And she is positively devoted to the Dixon Ticonderoga.

These are articles tagged with Dixon Ticonderoga.

The author’s passion for pencils is contagious. I sharpened a fresh yellow Ticonderoga last night for some journaling and remembered what I like about these cedar yellow pencils so much.

Check out Graphite Free!

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  1. The Ticonderoga USED to be my favorite. But the pencil that was as American as Ethan Allen has been made in China for several years now, so no thanks. It is nowhere near the pencil it used to be.

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