1. whatchamacallit

    Ah, pencils in the wild, al fresco if you please, what a fitting combination. Upon enlargement of your photo I detect the telltale gold band of the Orange Palomino on the left, but just what is that natural grain pencil on the right? I quickly dismissed it as a Forest Choice because they have red erasers, then hazarded the thought it might be a Field Notes round pencil, but that too seems incorrect…the Draplin does have a green eraser, but does not have (per your archives) a green stripe on the ferrule, unless it is a newer version. Whatever it is, the natural woodgrain with the green stripe and green eraser looks great and us well suited for the forest.

  2. whatchamacallit

    John, I could type all that stuff in, or you could just tell me what’s written on the pencil :>) .

  3. Sorry about that — thought the link would work. :)

    They are the Write Dudes USA Green pencil — unfinished cedar, with the print BURNED on! They have a “natural” one you can get at Target, but they’re clear-lacquered, not natural. (Still nice though!)

  4. whatchamacallit

    Thanks! In the back of my mind I remember seeing these somewhere on a blog or in a store but passed up the opportunity to buy them. Why?! They look so cool. That’s me, dumb pencil non-buyer.

  5. My mom used to draw and sketch but I never poked it up. Or I did when I was a kid but never got any enoucragement so didn’t pursue it. Now I sure wish I had! I envy folks who draw and doodle because it leads to great work. Best of luck to you.

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