1. I just had someone tell me a story about how much his wife loves the Palomino Blackwing 602 I gave her awhile back. The he went on to say he misplaced the pencil and was in the doghouse with his wife so he went online and bought her a whole box. These pencils do inspire loyalty. They are sturdy, striking and good writers which is a rare combination these days.

  2. Delicious review of this pencil. I never really LOVED pencils – I enjoyed them because they were cute and came in a variety of colors and such, but when I got my hands on one of these, I suddenly wanted to write everything in pencil. Love it.

  3. whatchamacallit

    Yeah, despite its ideal form factor, Palomino’s iteration of the Eberhard 602 eraser design does not improve upon the original’s mediocre erasing ability, which really is a shame in view of the ingenious engineering of the ferrule and clip behind the world’s first detachable mini block eraser. The size and shape strikes a perfect compromise; small and narrow enough to erase very fine detail yet large and handy enough for a sure grip between the thumb and forefinger, yielding equally precise erasure when unposted. Too bad Palomino hasn’t taken advantage of the advances in eraser compound materials technology. The Palomino 602 substance neither lifts off graphite nor sloughs off the saturated eraser bits cleanly, the twin hallmarks of today’s best performing erasers. In recognition of this lack some Comrades have been known to carve out substitute erasers for their 602’s from their favorite block erasers.

    A premium pencil demands a premium eraser. If Woodchuck won’t supply one himself, perhaps some enterprising Comrade will offer a premium aftermarket replacement?

  4. whatchamacallit

    Staedtler Mars Plastic white block eraser is reasonably firm and does a great job erasing. Papermate Black Pearl is firm but due to its flattened egg shape you’ll waste a lot of eraser cutting the correct size rectangles from the core–worth it though, this is a very good eraser material which erases cleanly with minimal debris, resists torque, and lasts me way longer than the 602 itself. I suspect almost any top brand eraser will deliver better results for this application than the included erasers do, although I admit to not having tried out the softer Japanese erasers because I fear they’ll go all wobbly on me.

  5. Millie

    Thanks for linking to Planet Millie :)

    Over time, I’ve grown less and less fond of the eraser on the Blackwing. I don’t generally use pencil erasers because I don’t like the appearance of pencils when the erasers have worn down, and they usually don’t work well anyway. But I liked the fact that you can switch out the Blackwing eraser for a new one, so for a while I indulged in using it, before realising that most individual erasers do a much better job! I think pencil erasers should just be kept for emergencies!

  6. Rose

    When my Blackwing Pearl gets too short to comfortably write with, I pull off the ferrule and put the stub into a Derwent pencil extender so I can continue to use it until practically disappears!
    I love my Blackwings Pearls.
    My Pearl pencils come with a soft eraser, not the scratchy kind and they came in a lidded box. However, this last set of pencils came as a Christmas gift, so maybe it was a limited edition set of Blackwings.
    Love your blog!

  7. […] in 2010). Also, this is the first truly glossy Blackwing I have ever seen. The MMX is matte; the 602 is metallic; the Pearl is, well, opalescent. The 725 reminds me of the finish on an instrument, […]

  8. Alan

    I would love to try one of these guys, but £25 for a box of pencils? I’m from Yorkshire, my Father would turn in his urn if he knew I had wasted my money on pencils…

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