1. Thanks for the review! I haven’t run these through their paces enough yet, but I did swap the eraser with a pink one as you mention. And I agree with your assessment of the first two Blackwings. I use the 602 much more day to day and the other more often for sketching.

  2. whatchamacallit

    Thanks for your review Comrade, the Pearl is on my list. It certainly sounds like a great writing pencil, but what I really glommed onto was your statement that “…Cal Cedar is not having trouble getting the Blackwing line out there.” During some airings of Jeopardy I swear I’ve seen Trebek with a Blackwing in his hand. The inability to clearly identify what Alex is holding is driving me loco. Some times I think it’s a Blackwing 602, other times I think it is a Staedtler mechanical pencil/lead holder. Whatever it is it has a silvery metalluc appearance with a bulbous end. Anybody know?

  3. Thanks, Brad and Jeremy!

    whatchamacallit, I have to admit that I don’t get to watch the show much these days since it falls between dinner and bedtime for my 3 year old. But, heck, might be a good excuse to introduce her to it. I’ve stared at his writing instruments too! :)

    • Thanks for the kind words about our humble site, Anna! :)
      The original marketing in 2010 was void of the art-pencil feel. I’m glad they changed the ad copy, and that baby is nice for sketching. :)

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  5. […] First, the ferrule is actually gold in color. It’s not silvery gold (like the first printing Blackwing Pearl next to me, from May 2013) or even ambiguous (like the Blackwing MMX that I have in front of me, […]

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