1. Wesley

    I believe that the Staedtler norica is made with jetulong. It’s interesting that they are unavailable in the United States as they’re the standard wooden pencil at my high school.

      • Wesley

        Canadian noricas are fairly fragrant but not to the extent of a Ticonderoga–or at least I’ve never noticed them being like that fragrant to be compared to a Ticonderoga.

        • I don’t know what Dixon does, but their cedar and finish smell wonderfully together.

          Our talk of smelling pencils probably looks like a joke, to someone finding this page via Google. :)

  2. It’s funny to see these in black rather than blue. I like it though! :)

    It would also be neat to see a comparison post of the different versions of the Norica available around the world.

  3. Jen

    I bought a box of these about a month ago, and they’ve been my go-to pencil ever since. I love how they write and I agree with Little Flower Petals: they look classy. Perhaps even more shallow is that I love how they match my Field Notes Night Sky notebooks, as Pencil Revolution previously noted!

  4. Bruce

    This pencil goes on sale at Staples for $5 per box of 36 pretty often. I’ve only seen it advertised once. It’s usually in the bins up front. You’ll see the pencils and a “$5” sign in red.

    It is a very nice pencil!

  5. They look very elegant on your photos!
    Like Jiri said, they also look a bit like the FC 1112, which, I think, is made in Thailand, too. I have a colleague who told me they are his favourite pencils. He is visiting Thailand often and buys them there whenever he goes.

  6. Budhi D Sarmadi

    Just found this site. Another product from Staedtler. I haven’t found it.

    Here, in Indonesia, I use staedtler-Mars Lumograph 100. it’s good enough for daily activity, like sketching or writing. The price little bit cheaper than Norica, about 2.7 USD a box(12 pieces). I don’t know is it also found in US too.

    I use some other product too like Faber Castell or small brand product .

    Awesome site. Bookmark it. :D

  7. whatchamacallit

    Actually John, looking at your photos, the fit and finish of these reasonably priced pencils is shockingly good. I wonder if the eraser tips themselves are “Rasoplast” (portmanteau for ‘eraser’ + ‘plastic’ ?) as the material looks quite similar. Whenever possible I too test drive before buying in quantity, but if I get burned by the siren call of poorly made budget pencils I ruthlessly thin the herd. I don’t want them at home to remind me daily of my folly, nor do I want to send them out into the world to pollute the pencil gene pool.

    • I was thinking the eraser on the back of the Noris is a little harder than the Rasoplast, but I’ll have to check again. I was very pleased that it stays clean-looking after being used.

  8. Lisa

    If last year you thought , “At $10 for three dozen, it was a pretty good deal,” what would you think of $4 for three dozen!?! :)

    Use code 77975 for 20% discount (Expires August 21, 2014, 20% off your education supplies order of $10 or more)
    Free shipping w/ free Staples Rewards

    I splurged and purchased a 96 pack of Ticonderogas for $12 for school donation.

    Happy writing!

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