Your Ivory-Topped Pencils — Mr. Selfridge.

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We caught up on some series we’d missed this spring at Pencil Revolution HQ lately, including the first season of Mr. Selfridge, the story of Harry Gordon Selfridge and his London department store. Being a period drama set in the early 1900s, there are pencils and stationery goodness everywhere.
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Episode seven actually features pencils as part of the plot. Frank Edwards (played by Samuel West) breaks his pencil while trying to get a quotation from Mr. Selfridge on a busy morning.

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He goes to the accessories counter and states, “I’d like a set of your ivory-topped pencils please.”

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These pencils come in an ornate box that is, well, probably the envy of most Comrades reading this site.

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Later, Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) receives a note and suspects Mr. Edwards. “And look. It’s in pencil — maybe even the one[s] I sold him.”

I hope I’ve avoided spoilers. It’s definitely a show worth checking out!

I fear I’m totally copying from Matthias, who writes the pencil-featuring posts that make me jealous of British television. If so, I do apologize. :)

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  1. Thanks for the link 8^)
    Even though I’m doing the occasional shopping in Selfridges I haven’t watched the TV series and the ivory-topped pencils must be out of stock, I haven’t seen them ;^)
    Just for completeness: Pencils you can currently get in Selfridges (I’m referring to the one in the Trafford Centre, Manchester) are from Muji, Paperchase, Montblanc and possibly Aspinal. There might be more I haven’t discovered yet.

    1. Gracious! I think the only pencils in your typical American department store would be some kind of make-up pencils. I’m jealous! ;)

      The show is pretty good. The first episode consisted of Jeremy Piven chewing the scenery, but that turns out to be how he plays Harry when Harry is playing Harry. :) The casting and sets are pretty fantastic.

  2. To be fair, their pencils are not that exciting – and the only reason they have pencils at all is that they sublet (if that’s the right term) their department store to small shops that stock pencils. Other department stores like Debenhams don’t seem to have pencils either.

    I haven’t watched any of the period dramas, but now that you say this one’s good I’ll record it if I notice it being repeated again.

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