Another Blackwing 602 Ode.

This article was very interesting and made the stationery blog rounds this week — and I’ll admit to reading it each time it came up. Comrade Brian just sent us another Ode to the Blackwing 602. I will admit that I’ve never even seen and original 602 in person, let alone used or owned one. And I hang my head in veritable Pencil Shame.

Also: the idea of having boxes of a favorite pencil (as Mr. Capote is said to have done)  in one’s nightstand appeals to me immensely. My nightstand is designed  to sit low to the floor (I have a low bed) and to hold books. But I do keep a black ceramic pencil cup next to my bed with various pencils for notes while reading, and I have an old “fancy” box that contains some of my most prized pencils on the same surface. I think there are some sharpeners around there, too.

Anyone else keep pencils dangerously close to where they sleep?

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  1. I often have a flood of thoughts rushing out when I lay down. So a pencil and a notepad need to be ready.

    John, I’m curious to see the black ceramic cup and the fancy box you mentioned. Could you please share a picture of them?

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