1. Cory Rothlisberger

    A) Why are you not just refinishing those beautiful 100+ year old floors?!?!?!
    B) If that house is anything like my 100+ year old house, then have fun squaring things up!
    C) I’ll have to post shots of my FN carpenter pencil in action as I work on my son’s closet this weekend…

    • The floors are in VERY bad shape. There are gaps between the planks and some sagging here and there. I am not a huge fan of laminate, but the floor is becoming much more…quiet now. :)

      Squaring has been very challenging. We went into a closet that was not built as a closet, next to the dis-used fireplace. The walls were flexible. Rather than framing and drywalling the closet from the inside (!!!!), we ran the planks in the closet perpendicularly to the rest of the room and then screwed them down. Now it acts as a nice edge for the main planks of the room. But we’re about to hit the radiator and associated exposed pipes that run upstairs — gracious!

  2. whatchamacallit

    John, you hand-sharpened that Field Notes pencil!? Look at that perfectly straight perpendicular line of paint you left at the taper! I hope David Rees sees this.

    • I did that on purpose to keep my lines straight and then cut toward the point from there — totally cheated. :)
      I certainly don’t have Mr. Rees’ skills. :)

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