11 Responses to “Hypnotic Drum Sharpening.”

  1. Ooh! I know this one — I blogged about it back in 2011.

    Here’s the original video link.

    And if you want a big video jump of a bunch of pen-and-pencil-related How It’s Made, check THIS out.

  2. Gary says:

    Glad the source was identified! Cool, cool video on pencil making.

  3. Sean says:

    Here is the same, but from Faber-Castell (go to 8:39)

  4. @Sean: Ooooh. I missed this one! This is really cool.

    I wish they had one from the early- to mid-1900s to see how the process has changed since then.

    • John says:

      That would be awesome! And I wonder what Staedtler is doing these days, even. All of the recent Staedtlers I have are factor sharpened differently than this. Instead of the grooves running parallel to the pencil barrel, the are concave and look a little…whittled. My pal thought I hand-sharpened one I gave him recently (which I took as a huge compliment, as if I could hand-sharpen that well!).

  5. Sean says:

    There is one for Staedtler made in 1950:


    (Consider yourself warned about the music during part 2.)

    If you look through Staedtler’s channel you’ll also find a modern production film similar to the “How It’s Made” video, but with different narration.

  6. @ Sean,

    Hah! Although I *thought* I heeded your warning, I was still caught by surprised with that music. :D

    I love that old, silent movie quality to that video. It looks like it was made well before the 50s. Which, I guess if it was in Germany in 1950, it had a US-Depression-era look and feel.

    I have some Staedtler pencils from around this time. It’s cool to see how it could have been made. Thanks for sharing!

  7. […] of Pencil Revolution, there was a great comment thread on a post where we discussed the bevy of How It’s Made videos on YouTube about making pencils! Sean […]

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