The $425 Dollar Pencil at Big Spender.

Market Watch has a column called Big Spender, which was about pencils this week. At least one other pencil blogger and I were interviewed, though the piece came out a little short on quotations and details. It was largely about the expensive version of the Perfect Pencil. I am probably one of the few pencil bloggers who does not own one of these beauties, and I probably sound like I hate them in the article, which was my fault for doing an interview early in the morning on only one cup of coffee. Faber-Castell, don’t get me wrong. I would love to own a Perfect Pencil. Hopefully, one day I will. I’ve actually been using a lot of German pencils this summer, and Faber-Castell’s pencils are usually of almost unbelievable quality — and I’m holding the relatively un-luxurious Castell 9000 behind my ear right now (grade B and getting shorter everyday). I should pick up a sub$400 Perfect Pencil soon.

Wired interviewed quite a quorum of pencil bloggers for a piece on pencil sharpeners which will be out soon. We’ll link to it if we can.

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  1. I am the other one of the pencil bloggers who doesn’t own this item ;-) And I don’t want to. It is surely well-made and offers only the best materials as well as a great writing experience but since a pencil appeals to me also because of its simplicity and plainness this luxury pencil is pointless to me (pun intended).

  2. Pretty cool idea! Now if they had a pencil with a small light for writing at night (without having to turn on a light and wake hubby up!)

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