Baron Fig on Kickstarter.

This might be one of the most simple and beautiful looking notebooks I have ever seen: Baron Fig. Read more about the specs here.

“There isn’t a sketchbook or notebook out there that we feel truly understands how those of us use them on a daily basis. After a lot of searching over nearly two decades we decided to make the book that we want to use. We’ve created many prototypes and are ready to place our first order for manufacturing—and that’s where we need your help. Without a significant amount of orders the manufacturers cannot make any books at all.

We’re a small group of thinkers (designers, illustrators, writers, entrepreneurs and the like) that love to sit down with a notebook or sketchbook and give birth to interesting thoughts and ideas. While today’s digital age is fantastic—we love technology—we’ve found that our best work always starts on paper.”

Check out their Kickstarter, which is close to having the goal met already.

5 thoughts on “Baron Fig on Kickstarter.”

  1. Hmmm…hard to see why this is special enough to warrant a KS campaign. Notebooks flood the market, and while there’s some interesting minor tweaks to this, nothing revolutionary. Am I missing something?

    1. I think it’s the tweaks. Field Notes got me going in a way that Moleskine Cahiers never did, though they are very similar. The grey cover and gold bookmark make me a little weak in the knees. :)

    2. Yeah. Like John said, I think the difference is in the details. If they pulled off the ability to lay flat by removing the stiff cardboard in the spine, that will be a draw for a lot of people, because often, you sacrifice durability for that flexibility. And I’m intrigued by the slightly shorter and wider size. I think that’ll be great for a lot of artists.

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