Happy Charmz: Make Pencils Happier.

We were lucky enough to receive a box of very colorful and cheerful pencil accessories at HQ a week or two ago.

IMG_1100Happy Charmz are charms for your pencils, attached via a small ring of what appears to be silicone. (It’s shinier and harder than rubber and hasn’t stretched out at all.) You attach them to your pencil, and they are happy. It sounds simple enough, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. In fact, they are actually really well made, and the ring doesn’t slip around on the pencil at all. To boot, their pencils make a nice, dark line and match the charms nicely.

IMG_1099You’d think the package sent over to Pencil Revolution HQ would have been raided by my 3-year-old daughter who loves Pink, Princesses, Fairies, Animals and Sparkles. And some were. However, my better half, possessing a PhD in History and not usually toting around anything with glitter, made the strongest claims to particular items.

I suspect these will appeal to the target audience and beyond. To be sure, the rainbow lightening bolt is lighting up a spring-themed pink pencil my daughter gave me. I am keeping that one. (If there are some left after this package has been raided, maybe we’ll do a give-away; stay tuned!)

You can find them online, and Debbi tells us that they are available at “a whole bunch of brick and mortar stores. Currently, every Justice store, Books-A-Million, Hastings, Learning Express and a couple hundred independent toy stores. Also, Toys R Us will be carrying them soon.” I wish I’d gotten this up before back-to-school shopping drew to a close. These little charms are pretty cool.

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