Jack and a Sharpener Give-Away.

This is Jack, Comrade Dan’s son, sharpening a USA Gold pencil with their house’s Classroom Friendly Sharpener.

Jack is here to announce another give-away of a Classroom Friendly sharpener from Comrade Troy! The winner can pick the color, though we are highlighting the new Precious Pink (really pink) sharpener.

The rules are the same as last time:

1) Comrades must “like” Classroom Friendly Supplies on Facebook (this will be verified).

2) Contest is only open to residents of the United States, or, rather, people who get mail here (no international shipping).

3) Please respond within one week to the post announcing the winner, or we’ll pick another winner.

4) Please remember to let Troy know which color you prefer! (Black, blue, red, green.)

5) Contest ends Friday, September 20th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. We will contact the winner over the weekend, and the winner will have until Saturday, Sept. 28th to respond.

Don’t forget to “like” Troy’s page in Facebook for an entry to be valid!

Onto the Contest!

TO ENTER +========>

One reason that a lot of Comrades tell us that they like pencils so much has to do with the past. With memory. To enter, leave one (!) comment with your favorite childhood/youthful pencil memory! Please only one entry per Comrade; multiples will disqualify the entrant. Please use an email address you check regularly, as we will pick another winner one week after the end of the contest. The winner entry will be determined by a random drawing of numbered pieces of paper (one for each valid entry) from a hat by one of my kids or by Jack.

(Photo of Jack used with his Dad’s permission.)

30 thoughts on “Jack and a Sharpener Give-Away.”

  1. When I was a kid, we had an awesome Panasonic electric pencil sharpener. This being the ’70s, it was a funky color — either turquoise or light blue, I can’t remember which.

    That thing would really, really make a pencil sharp.

    I loved then — and now — smelling the cedar of a good pencil.

  2. My favorite thing to do when I was in elementary was to sharpen my pencil, the feel, the sound and the smell of the pencil being sharpened was just so soothing during a stressed out class or before a test, to this day its my go to moment when I’m stressed.

  3. I remember loving my mechanical pencil but changing back to a regular pencil when my classmate made the comment that my handwriting was much better with the regular pencil.

  4. My favorite pencil memory is going school shopping with my dad each year and being allowed to choose some special pencils with my name on them instead of the usual plain yellow ones.

  5. My favorite childhood memory is my fantabulous, gorgeous, amazing pencil collection. I collected all types of pencils and would get SO excited when a new one was added to my collection. These pencils were not for sharpening, just for admiring. LOL!

    Thank you SO much for the chance to win this fab sharpener!

  6. I “liked” Classroom Friendly Supplies (pencil sharpener) on facebook. Pink would be great, even though I am not picky and would take any color.
    Favorite childhood pencil memory – There were 5 kids in my family. All our pencils came from Sears, where my father was manager. Mama bought them by the gross and would keep them on top of the refrigerator, out of our reach. It was Mama who gave them out when necessary. We also had a hand crack sharpener that clamped (suction) to a table. I always like sharpening them for the family. Since I was the only girl out of 5 boys, it was great by the boys if I did all the work. I knew then I’d grow up to be a teacher and sharpen LOTS of pencils. Wonder how many pencils I’ve sharpened in my career? This is my 30th year, so it’s a whole bunch!!!!! I’d love to try one of these since my expensive electric ones don’t even hold up a whole year! Thanks for this chance.

  7. I remember how we all loved the hand-cranked pencil sharpeners at school. They were always attached to the window sill and it was a coveted job to get to sharpen all the pencils each week. Can’t beat the smell of freshly sharpened pencils while gazing out the window! I so want one of these Classroom Friendly sharpeners … so fun … so thanks for the chance to win! (If I do win, I really, really want a green one LOL!)

  8. I loved “fancy” pencils when I was a kid. At that time, that meant pencils with designs on them or…oooh! pencils that were embossed with my name. Since I spell my name differently than most, it was difficult to find personalized items as a child. I would always be disappointed to find things with Carrie on them, but never Carey. Imagine my sheer delight one year to find that Santa had left me 24 pencils with my name printed on them in gold! My daughters love pencils too; now there are scented pencils. But they also love ones with their names on them.

  9. I have always loved school/office supplies. Shopping for back to school was my absolute favorite thing as a kid. We had a pencil sharpener bolted to the wall next to the workbench in our garage. We lived in the house where my mom and her siblings grew up and that pencil sharpener had been there since they were kids and my grandfather used that workbench. I would go out to the garage with my box of new pencils, line them all up and sharpen them. My parents sold the house a decade or more ago, but they took the sharpener and it’s now bolted to the wall in their new garage.

  10. I have always loved a perfectly sharp pencil. I would try to get to class early to sharpen all my pencils so that I wouldn’t have to risk not getting permission to sharpen my pencil and having to use a dull pencil!!

  11. Ahhhh… pencil “memories” are a little too vivid as I deal with third graders every day! I loathe sharpening pencils with our noisy grinders on the wall and always encourage kiddos to use a small handheld. Who doesn’t love a fresh point with shavings spilling in a pile? ;-)

  12. My most vivid pencil memory is the first time I got personalized pencils. I thought it was so cool to have my very own name with it and it came with a pocket size sharpener. I couldn’t wait to use them!

  13. Our manual old-fashioned Boston pencil sharpener was the best sharpener when I was growing up! My 7 brothers and 2 sisters all used it before I came along. I guess being the youngest has its advantages! I was the lucky one to keep this sharpener, and it sharpens pencils just as well as it did when I was young! That is amazing since it is over 40 years old! Would love to try the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener. The Cool Blue would be perfect for my third grade classroom! Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. Every year in our Christmas stockings we would get pencils with our names embossed in gold on them. For years I marveled at the magic that Santa could create on a simple pencil.

  15. I don’t think I have any childhood pencil memories. I did always LOVE back to school shopping. Using brand new school supplies was (and still is!) my favorite!

  16. When I was a kid, I took a free babysitting course given at the local library. They passed out pencils to everyone. As I was sitting and listening, I was playing with the pencil in my hand, not really paying attention to it and I accidentally jammed the tip of the pencil into the heal part of my hand. I never did get all the led out. That was over thirty years ago

  17. We had a pencil machine in our Middle School, and they had NFL pencils in the machine. We would bring dimes in to buy a pencil and see what team we got. I didn’t know anything about the NFL or the teams, but still liked getting the pencils.

  18. I remember that the cool thing to do when I was elementary school was to grind your pencil down until it was just the eraser with a writing point. Then you’d cramp your hand trying to write with the mutant midget pencil. The teachers loved the 3 minutes of loud grinding it took on the wall mounted pencil grinder.

  19. My only childhood pencil memory is that there was an old-style crank sharpener mounted somewhere in every classroom. I remember waiting in line to sharpen a pencil and having to crank, check, crank, check,…to see if the pencil was sharp yet.

  20. I remember the excitement of sharpening pencils at home with a metal sharpener that suctioned onto the table. At times the sharpener would detach or not sharpen correctly and my parents would come to give a hand. Ahhh pencil sharpening brings fond memories even when frustrating. Always have loved the smell of pencils!

  21. In eighth grade math, we had a foam tile ceiling. While the math teacher was writing on the board, students would sharpen pencils to a very sharp point and then throw them up to the ceiling until they stuck.

  22. I remember that the pencils that we used in first through third grade were thicker than the ones I used at home, and that they were a drab green color. Funny, that. Also, at home, down in the basement, mounted on one of rhe beams there was a great old hand crank pencil sharpener that I wonder if it is still there after all these years. I might write to the hew owners to see if it is, and if so, may I have it back? Oh please. (The house was sold in 2003, and twice again sinde then. I still think of it as “MY” house – the one I grew up in,

  23. I have always loved pencils and pens. I love sharpening pencils. My grandma worked for a school system in Arkansas. She would bring home pencils for me. I developed a love for them!

  24. I remember always being so excited to get new pencils at the beginning of the school year. I loved math and remember always having to write just right with my new pencils. Still use them today :)

  25. I loved the thick pencils and rough yellow lined paper (with two full lines and a dashed line in the middle) that I used in kindergarden and first grade.

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