Monsieur Notebooks Coming.

You might have read about this already on other Stationery Blogs, but just in case, Monsieur notebooks are coming to the USA! They are already available in the UK and are hitting Our Own Sandy Shores in 2014.

“My name’s Tom, and along with an old schoolfriend we set up our own stationery
brand, Monsieur Notebook. Our books are made from real leather, you might like
them – please come and have a look!
We are currently on IndieGoGo, it might be of interest to your followers – we’re
launching on Wednesday, and will be seen here.

So you can have a sneak peak of our campaign video (and see my colleague and I
in stop-motion), you can watch it on Vimeo here.

These are gorgeous books! The site’s been full of gorgeous books on the horizon this week, it seems. (Fine by me!)


3 thoughts on “Monsieur Notebooks Coming.”

    1. Yup — we did a little review a while back:
      At the risk of getting fried on a spit: their paper is much better for graphite than Field Notes’ usual paper (the AtB paper, though — lovely!). There’s a release party at our local shop next week for two local artists. This is also the shop that sells Field Notes and Word. books. I just scored some Word. books in orange in anticipation of fall. The color is much more…autumnal in person. :)

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