1. This is fun — I have a couple Rite in the Rain notepads, and I’ve never actually gotten the change to write in the rain — I’m usually busy trying to get out of the rain, myself. But I could definitely put something like this to use. For some reason, I’ve come up with some really good limericks in the shower that I can’t readily remember later.

    It’s too bad I have an old clawfoot tub with no walls easily accessible to stick this on!

    • RiR is the bee’s knees. I love the texture of that paper. I always take one camping, though, like you mention, I’m not sitting around in the rain. :)

      I was at a planning meeting for an event in the woods once in 2008, and I had a cheap little memo pad on me for taking notes. Torrential rain and a flooded creek (we waded over the bridge, getting hit by logs!) led me to stick it under my belt buckle, where it STILL got wet. My RiR books are like magical talismans against that sort of rain — haven’t happened to me in the woods since (KNOCK ON CEDAR!). :)

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