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    We recently discovered our now favorite stick eraser, the Papermate Tuff Stuff. It is perfect for getting into tight spaces and just erasing what you need erased. We found it at the art store and I can see why artists would love this; it is ideal for school writing as well. It seems to last quite long — maybe even longer than the Staedtler and Pentel stick erasers! If you haven’t tried, you should.

  2. Hi Johnny,

    Unfortunately this Helix pencil top sharpener combo is discontinued and can no longer be purchased at office depot. Maped Helix USA has other fun and innovative products that you can try out. Would you be interested in trying some of our Maped sharpeners and pencils, if yes please contact me at lgaribay@maped-helixusa.com. We appreciate your product review. Thank you!

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