1. Valerie

    Just ordered the Kum Tip-Top in pink (the only color left on pencils.com, good thing I am a girly girl!). Very excited. I love Pencils.com and I also ordered a Palamino sampler set. Totally reasonable shipping!

    Very excited to receive the package… wheeeeee!

  2. plumbum

    Laugh! That’s so heinous John, that poor Palomino! Your fear of graphite impalement is well founded, however. My kid brother, jumping knees first into the back seat of the car one day, was absolutely skewered by a pencil that had become wedged between the seat cushions. Boy, did he howl.

  3. Matt

    I wanted to love this perfect pencil alternative, it looks cool and fun. However, be warned fellow revolutionaries, the cap is not deep enough to accommodate pencils with average length tips without damaging said tip (I’m talking anything sharpened with a long point sharpener or electric sharpener or similar, if you do not have a short, stubby tip, it won’t fit properly). I consider this a design fail of epic proportions, making this pencil cap more or less useless. Tragic.

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