1. The end of these pencils is very nice.
    I really like F pencils, too. I’ve used the Mars in F on numerous occasions where I had to take notes the whole day and didn’t want to bring a sharpener. The F pencil did always last the whole day and many A4 pages without the need for sharpening…

  2. Thank you for this review! Without a doubt, the Hi-uni is one of the best pencils one can get. However, I have a little problems with the plastic cap. Besides the fact that I don’t see the need for it quite a few caps on my Hi-unis are off-centre, i.e. expose a sharp edge, which makes them a little upleasant to touch. Of course this is only a minor issue.

  3. Sapphire

    Different grades are useful for writers as well as sketchers. I use a B or 2B for journals, an HB or F for drafts and notes, a 4B for crosswords and anything darker and softer than a 6B for seating plans in exam rooms.

  4. whatchamacallit

    I’m pretty sure the Mars Lumograph 8B is nowhere near as smooth as the Hi-Uni, and that the F-C 9000 8B is scratchy and / or crumbly as well. I believe Staedtler and Faber-Castell use some amount of charcoal, but Mitsubishi uses pure graphite. Consequently, dark Hi-Unis have a pronounced sheen that the darkest Lumos do not.

    In their feedback on Jetpen’s website, some of the commenters also note the superior point retention of the ‘F’ grade Hi-Uni. The uniformity of Hi-Uni kiln-dried cedar surely contributes to the outstanding sharpening experience. I’ve always wondered if the pink tinge of the cedar is natural or added. Lovely pencils both to use and admire.

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