1. Not bad–I like the tray divider! Though I could see how it could also be frustrating if you wanted to pop a block eraser or pencil sharpener in there on occasion. We have a lot of pencils in common, though I’m missing the Ticonderoga Groove, the Hi-Uni, and a few assorted others. No Halloween pencils in my box, alas.

    On the other hand, should I rub in one more time that I can buy General’s pencils of various sorts at Fred Meyer, where I get my groceries? Nah, that’d be mean.

    • I WISH I could get General’s at the grocery store! :)

      It IS a doozy that I can’t fit anything else in there. I wind up Longpointing everything, even pencils I’d prefer something shorter on. I don’t know why I do that — this thing rarely leaves my house. Judging from our Common Pencils, I think you’d like the Groove. I found them on clearance at Office Depot last year, but Amazon’s got them now.

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