1. Considering I saw Field Notes’ Pitch Black edition today and said “Oooh, pretty!” even though I just got a load of notebooks, I couldn’t criticize anyone’s stash. Nice supply list! And best of luck to you!

    I have my desk ready to go in the morning. Here’s hoping a fuller plot comes to me in my dreams.

    • Elizabeth, NaNoWriMo could use that photo for inspiration! Love it! :)

      Those new Pitch Black books are pretty. I almost ordered them yesterday, but I have a little line-up to last until the Winter FNs come out. Totally going to tack a PB pack onto that order though.

    • I was testing a little early this morning before the kids got up, and I think the Layout is going to have too much drag for marathon writing. The ones that I found worked best in the cheap composition book I’ll start with surprised me: Staedtler Mars HB; USA Gold (noisy though); a Tinkerbell pencil my daughter gave it (and I thought the price was for the license from Disney). I’ll post some updates on gear when I get going and rule stuff out. :)

  2. dobro

    John, I am mucho curious to learn more about those Mount Tom notebooks. ‘Sturdy’ doesn’t begin to describe them. Bookfactory seem to be the folks behind Mount Tom, they specialize in paper products serving the engineering and scientific community, but I have yet to find your notebooks on their website. I hope they prove worthy of particular attention in a future post.

    And, have you considered a dripfeed?

    • I think Bob Slate gets them from a place in Texas — is that Bookfactory? They have some other REALLY cool books, at nice prices. We order them by phone every year or so, when we can’t get to Boston. They are pretty nice over the phone and do their best to ship in flat-rate boxes. My dozen, shipped, came to $31/$32. :)

      I have to ask what a dripfeed is? :)

  3. dobro

    To administer your caffeine intravenously a drop at a time to keep you on a nice even flutter (just below the ceiling : < ) . Your Rule Of Twelve comports well with my experience: six cups of Joe generally results in five or six hours of shuteye.

    Thanks for the info on the Mount Toms. $32 shipped per dozen sounds very reasonable. If I may, what size are they (A4 by any chance?), and per your 2010 post on proper paper for NaNoWriMo, are these your notebook of choice once your novel is well underway?

    Best of luck John, and to all who participate

    • I thought it might have something to do with an RSS feed. :)
      I spoke too soon and got 6 non-consecutive hours of sleep last night. Heaven!

      The Mt. Tom’s are 4×6 inches. The covers are STIFF, and they are very nice books. I think their thick spiral and small size with limit them to notebook this year. I’ll probably actually Write in composition books. I saved a few colorful ones from back-to-school.

      Thank you for the word of encouragement. I need all of the help I can get to fight my Inner Reason, which says, “WHEN are you going to do this, and WHY?” :)

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