1. I particularly like bizarre footnotes. The more, the better.

    I also love battered, used and well-loved pencils. I was at a friend’s the other day who has a stump of a Palomino Blackwing on their kitchen island for doing the crossword puzzle. I believe its been to Japan and back a couple times. I’ll get a photo next time I’m there.

    • I would love to see that!

      Ana, I was made to remove DOZENS of snarky footnotes from my dissertation that I still regret removing (though I think my passing might have been contingent…!). I love footnotes to death.

      Have you read Danielewski’s HOUSE OF LEAVES? Footnotes gone rampant in the best way. :)

  2. Julie Phan

    I want to see a picture of your Harry Potter pencil case!

    And, oh man, HOUSE OF LEAVES. That book is so eerie. I remember being afraid to leave the house or take a shower.

    • I will try to get some good ones. :)

      When I first read House of Leaves a few years ago, I was sitting at a table late at night, with my back to the long, dark hallway in my apartment at the time. I paused in reading for a second and got chills that I still remember. That book was positively sinister, though I realized that it was simply beautiful at the end. :)

  3. I’d also like to see that pencil case! If a new one is expensive and a used one in not so good condition is worth a few bucks plus postage it must be a pretty good pencil case.

  4. dobro

    I have a box somewhere where I save the foreshortened lives of pencils past and Bics spent. Somehow, I can’t bring myself to consign them to oblivion. They deserve better than to have been slain by my deathless prose.

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