1. Based on your glorious post, comrade, I ordered a pair of mega dot grids. Not that I really needed them of course, but you understand. This on the heels of finally signing up for the Field Notes subscription, whose latest offering arrived earlier this week. I’m suddenly buried in blank notebooks…large and small…not an unhappy condition you see, but one testing my anti-consumerism believes. Guess I need to start carrying TWO notebooks to catch up with my inventory!

    • That’s a good situation to be in. :)
      Charlotte keeps helping me fill mine up, when I forget to bring one of her little books. My second Drink Local is nearly full already. I love that golden grid!

      • It’s always good to have an assistant to help keep the office supply inventory fresh! :-)

        I love the Field Notes products, but these Drink Locals, while I agree on the grid, not sure about the covers…specifically the feel of them. I didn’t get the little six-pack holder thingie with my order, but then, i came into the game late.

        • I didn’t get a six-pack holder, either. I let my subscription go after getting my notebooks a week late half of the time over two years. Of course, now subs go first all of the time! :) But ordering them when they come out is fun. And I don’t get mad when mine aren’t in the first few days of arrivals.

          I like that the covers age and crack a little, like the linen covers they’ve used a few times. I could take or leave the texture, though it’s annoying that 5 pens/markers in the world work to label the insides. White/silver gel pens worked on the summer edition. That said, I LOVE the colors very much. They could have made these sans beer references and just called the sixer “Fall 2013”, and they still would be awesome.

  2. comrade

    Hey John, Ed Jelley wrote up the Drink Local series this week. Field Notes calls the color of their yellow grid “hefewezen” or ‘wheat beer’. I think the Practical Applications inside the back cover are actually useful suggestions albeit presented in a gently mocking tone.

    Two Scout Mega Notebooks for $10 does seem a tremendous value. I really like the uncommon 5″ x 7″ size. Also, they appear rather thick, so do they contain 48 sheets or 48 pages? Any guess whether the paper is fountain pen friendly?

    • I love the grid color. I’ve filled 2 of the Lagers pack already and will finish the last one tonight or tomorrow. Then, on to Ales! (Saving Stout for last.)

      Not sure about FPs in the Scout Books (I only tried Microns, with very good results), but Ana did a nice review this spring where she talks about ink (and she knows way way more about it than I would to boot): http://wellappointeddesk.com/2013/03/08/scout-books/

    • I find the Scout Paper to be slightly more FP friendly than the typical 50 lb. Field Notes paper. I still think the FN America the Beautiful edition is the standard for fountain pen friendly paper in these books, but you could do a lot worse than the Scout books.

      Also, this assumes that they use the same paper across their entire line. I’m using one of the “composition” style books.

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