Did I Empty the Beer Books First?

I’m sure there is someone out there who has already filled the latest season edition of Field Notes notebooks. But does he or she have a pencil blog on which to prove it? I give you: The Burp Local Pile (because beer makes you gassy). I finished my last book during naptime today. I think I deserve a prize.

(And I am not kidding.)

And, yes. That is a fat kids’ pencil with a clip. They just came today. The clips. Made in the USA to boot. Like the Pencil Revolution House Bottle Opener in the picture, which I’d use to open notebooks if I could figure out how.

3 Responses to “Did I Empty the Beer Books First?”

  1. Out of curiosity, how do you (or anyone else who cares to comment) write any information inside the front cover? I’m not sure what to use against that dark background…

  2. Silver Sharpie…thanks, hadn’t thought of that.

    I like everything *else* about these notebooks: the colored grids, the rubbery covers, the trivia. But that one aspect had me stumped.

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