NaNoWriMo First Days Pencil Update.


So far, I have been using each pencil until it is blunt and then I switch to something different. Like many readers, I suspect that I am subconsciously in search of The Ideal Pencil. I have had good experiences thus far with my pencils. This is not surprising, since the NaNoWriMo pencils I put into my box weren’t exactly chosen at random.

To name a few: I used a Chinese Dixon Ticonderoga right after using a General’s Cedar Pointe Friday — felt like butter! That Cedar Pointe put down nearly 1,000 words before it even hinted at needing a sharpening, though. Also, I’ve noticed pencils that have surprised me with their smoothness on the semi-cheap paper of a Carolina Pad composition book: Staedtler Noris (HB) and Musgrave My Pal. A Ticonderoga kids’ pencil was a nice break when my arm started to cramp, though the point retention was not very good — also for the round PaperMate Earth Write “Premium” (the black one). I have also been impressed by the smoothness, if not the darkness. of General’s Draughting pencil.

This gives me good testing grounds for some upcoming reviews of the Noris, Draughting and Earth Write.

As of Sunday evening, day three, I am at 5,874 words, even with a busy weekend. I hope I can keep this up. Hemingway’s advice — to never stop at a stopping point, always stopping when there is more to come, so that one can pick up the next day — has been working so far. Probably also a steady stream of coffee and Irish breakfast tea.

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  1. Well, you’re ahead of me by about a thousand words. My favourites so far have been a Mars Lumograph 4B, Palomino Blackwing 602, and a Forest Choice.

  2. It turns out I was underestimating my word count by a bit, so I’m sitting prettier than I thought. Just above 7000. I’m liable to fall behind over the coming week, though. :( Added a synopsis and excerpt to the website, which makes me feel all accomplished and stuff.

    I really do like the Blackwing 602–I wish I wasn’t so intimidated by them! Other favorites are (surprise, surprise) the General’s Semi-Hex, my Chinese Ticonderogas, Forest Choice, and my older Golden Bears. I really wish I’d picked up more of them back in the day, because I really don’t like the new ones. Too soft and crumbly, horrible point retention and smearing. Maybe I got a bad batch?

    1. 7,000?! Holy moly! :)
      I like the new GBs a bit, but I really liked the older graphics and shape. I miss the pink eraser on the Prospector especially.

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