1. Wesley

    Well, you’re ahead of me by about a thousand words. My favourites so far have been a Mars Lumograph 4B, Palomino Blackwing 602, and a Forest Choice.

  2. It turns out I was underestimating my word count by a bit, so I’m sitting prettier than I thought. Just above 7000. I’m liable to fall behind over the coming week, though. :( Added a synopsis and excerpt to the website, which makes me feel all accomplished and stuff.

    I really do like the Blackwing 602–I wish I wasn’t so intimidated by them! Other favorites are (surprise, surprise) the General’s Semi-Hex, my Chinese Ticonderogas, Forest Choice, and my older Golden Bears. I really wish I’d picked up more of them back in the day, because I really don’t like the new ones. Too soft and crumbly, horrible point retention and smearing. Maybe I got a bad batch?

    • 7,000?! Holy moly! :)
      I like the new GBs a bit, but I really liked the older graphics and shape. I miss the pink eraser on the Prospector especially.

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