Capped Pocket Pencil.

I have a Magic Box of Awesome. (I should really do a post about it and stop my Lazy Blogging, but think of David Rees, and use your imagination.) Looking through this box is a staple request from Charlotte. Recently, she opened it and asked to have this very tiny pencil. I told her it can be her Pocket Pencil, and she liked this idea. Then I told her, in a very Parental Fashion, that she needed to use a point protector. A miniature argument ensued. This argument could only happen in my house, and perhaps some select other Outposts. I only won, I think, because one of the runs of General’s protectors had sparkles in it for some reason.

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  1. Uncanny. No lie, I was going through old boxes of supplies today and found a small bag of long-lost General’s point protectors. They did kind of glitter and I wondered why (probably small air bubbles trapped inside, I thought). Damn, that’s strange you should post about this very thing!

    1. Mine has little gold flecks. Charlotte’s all about them. :)
      My most recent packs are…cloudy plastic. Weird how they keep changing. They should totally make black ones.

  2. When I was in Japan (Tokyo) in mid-November this year on business, I bought some Tombow 8900 pencils (3-pack) at a 7-Eleven they all came with point protectors. I was told by others that this is common in Japan for some pencils to come with point protectors. I bought two sets of pencils for less than $4 dollars, a good deal for 6 pencils with point protectors. I wished they had more but at least I now have six point protectors that I will use long after my Tombow are used. These Tombow 8900 pencils were made in Vietnam but excellent quality and worthy of the Tombow name.

  3. Additional info … The Tombow pencil point protectors that came in the 3 pack are good quality but they have a small taper to them. I wished it was greater, more pointy and less cylindrical in shape. The issue is with my Staedtler pencils made in Germany post 2006, 2006 update made these pencils approximately .1 mm thinner so these pencil point protectors do work on them, the point passed thru the front hole. My effected pencils are my Mars Lumograph 100, Noris and Tradition pencils (all made in Germany) but not the Norica pencils (from Staples) made elsewhere. These Tombow pencil point protectors work great on all my pre-2006 Mars Lumograph and Noris pencils and all my Japanese pencils.

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