1. dobro

    Hi Comrade, somewhere, but I don’t remember precisely where, Alberto of Lung Sketching Scrolls also praises Hi-Uni’s non-smudgeworthiness, even up to 3B. Regarding Mono 100, you make a good point about consistency from grade to grade. The darkest Lumographs, for instance, have a totally different feel than the pencils downrange because Staedtler has added something (soot?) to achieve blackness at the cost of smoothness. I suspect the transition is abrupt. The Tombow pencil case is more useful for the desktop than Hi-Uni’s because it opens wide, but both are keepers. I have not noticed any scratching on my Mono 100’s; in theory the white insert inside the box should keep the pencils well separated. Also, what brand are those notebooks? They are very elegant.

  2. dobro

    Thank you, John. I did a look-see on Amazon. The Cavalini notebooks are expensive, but the graphics of the whole line are spectacular!

    • I think I’ve paid $10 a set at Dick Blick last time I was in Philly, and the used to be that price online. They do have a lot of pages though.

  3. Elle Marie

    Hi — I’m poking my head out of lurker-dom to direct anyone interested in the Cavallini notebooks to that brand’s section on the European Paper Company website. The notebooks available there seem to be larger than those shown in the review, though, so if pocket-sized is your preference, they won’t be for you. They’re sold in sets of 2 for $12. I’m not affiliated with European Paper. I just like spending (way too much) time there and at other stationery etc. sites thinking about all the things I would buy if I weren’t on a budget.

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