1. These notebooks look really great – thank you for that detailed review! I especially like the slogan “For pen-to-paper people” :-) The typography is very appealing too.

  2. dobro

    Whoa, those rubber bands mean business! Careful, son, you could put your lights out! I must say I like the ‘Write Notepads’ branding on them, the square font and the red-on-white (and white-on-red). Another thing is anything you strap inside isn’t going anywhere soon. You could press grapes in there. This notebook is the brute force version of the trapper-keeper.

    “It’s that unmistakeably human font” says Chris. He gets it. Idiosyncracy is identity and nothing is more idiosyncratic than one’s handwriting. It’s one of the few things that differentiates us from the herd. Great looking notebook done justice by a terrific review, Comrade, I totally get your enthusiasm.

  3. Herb Anderson

    New to the PencilRevolution and enjoyed the review. I think you might have missed (or chose not to mention) the very amusing play on words for the “Paul South” version. I read it as a nod to the “south paw” nickname we used for left-handers when I was a kid.

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