1. You keep sharing cool, new notebooks to try faster than I can fill up my backstock! Good stuff. You should buy up a supply of the various notebooks you feature and sell sampler sets. All these up and coming notebooks usurping the old king (moleskine) means i still have unfilled moleskines from years ago, and may have to donate them to HOAM (home for old, addicted moleskiners). Despite my vapid complaints, can’t wait to see what you dig up next…

  2. Sam Smith

    Notepads & co is a bunch of crap. You can buy custom note pads for 10 cents on the dollar all over the internet., This guy Chris Rothe is a joke. A self promoter for crap at a high price. REALLY.

    • I certainly don’t mean this sarcastically, but if you know where to get notepads custom made that are *this* nice for 1/10 of the price, I definitely want to check them out. Maybe we can get some PRevo notebooks…

      As for Chris, I’ve been to the bindery and seen the presses in action. A lot of work and thought goes into these books. Of course he promotes his product. If anything, I think he downplays how much thought goes into the books they make. And Chris is a nice guy.

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