Wopex Pencils at Staples.

Thanks to this helpful comment at Pencil Talk, I learned that Staples carries Wopex pencils in 18 packs. They were listed at $4.99, marked down to $3 in the store. Gracious! I stopped by today with my daughter in tow, and packs of Wopexes (Wopexen? Wopexi?) were piled on a rack as we come through the door.
I have a few of these eraser-topped versions from an over-priced pack I bought on Amazon a few months ago. But $3 for 18 pencils is a budget pencil price — for premium pencils? There is even a layer of foam protecting the sharpened cores in the plastic box. I wonder if Staedtler will bring over the attractive yellow versions and some of the colors I have only seen in photos? In any case, the color is less important to me than that they are here. I have been obsessed with this pencil since Matthias sent me a few in 2012.

Now I have lost all of my excuses not to review this pencil.

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  1. That’s a great price! I have never seen them for such a good price in the UK or in Germany.
    I get the impression that Staedtler tries to make better use of their Norica brand, at least in the English speaking countries. Recently, I’ve seen the ‘wooden” Norica version more often, but that might also be a coincidence.
    Please do a review!

  2. Hmmmm…have to go check these out. I’ve wondered reading your posts overt time about how any of us decide we love or hate a pencil. Seems obvious at first, but i’m compelled to suggest a future post topic for you around “What makes a pencil a must-have for you?” or something along those lines. For me it’s two specific aspects and one external influence, but i’ll save saying anything further should you decide to pursue a philosophical “why do you fall in love with a given pencil” post.

    1. Gary, this is a fantastic idea. I’ve been sort of sapped for energy lately (shocker! LOL), but this is something I’ll get thinking on. I have a feeling that identifying what “does it for you” in the pencil world will speak to preference in general. I have to dust off the old philosophical training (minus the purely academic waste of time parts). :)

  3. I’m curious about these pencils, but wary too, Comrade. I’ve got it in my head that Wopexen (best pluralization evah!) have polymer lead, hence the longer write-out, which is rare in non-mechanical pencil lead, yet I’m also afraid the extruded pencil casings will gum up my crank sharpeners. Please do report your findings.

    1. They are difficult to sharpen at first. Matthias has some good posts about this:
      I’ve actually had good luck with a sharpener that Matthias sent me. This little guy:
      The leads feel plastic-esque, but definitely different from some of the darker HB polymer leads. As Matthias points out, though, they are incredibly smear-resistant!
      I can’t take credit for the plural. I remember reading something about pluralizing this word on Matthias’, Sean’s, or Gunther’s blog, though I can’t find it now. Wopexen sounds like a good replacement reindeer for old St. Nick!

  4. I reviewed the Wopex when I scored one in Hong Kong last year. As much as I wanted to love the gren-ness and recycle-y-ness, I was not happy with the overall quality of this pencil. For the price, its a good budget option but that’s the nicest thing I can say about it besides the paint color.

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