Word. Stealth Edition Giveaway.

The fine folks at Word. sent over a couple of packs of their new Stealth Camo edition for us to give away to two lucky Comrades. Unfortunately, we have to restrict this giveaway to addresses in the United States.

“Cunning, careful, and mysterious. For your private dealings that happen under the dark of night, there’s the new Stealth Camo Notebook from Word. The latest camo pattern from Word. Notebooks is an ode to life’s more covert affairs and secretive matters. Every notebook is designed and made in the USA and features our unique organizational system to keep track of your to-do lists and tasks. Pick up a pack and start your clandestine note-taking now.”

In keeping with the theme, we’ll need a Secret. This give-away will run until 12 noon EST on February 18th. We’ll pick two entrants and notify them by Wednesday.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post with A SECRET.* Don’t worry. We wont’ tell.**

*[Only one entry per person; check the email address you give us; after a week, we'll pick new winners if we can't reach the Lucky Winners; US-addresses only this time; pencils and implements in photos not included, but I'm sure I'll find some cool pencils to slip into the envelopes.]

**[Kidding. But. Seriously. I have Dirt on everyone I know.]

48 Responses to “Word. Stealth Edition Giveaway.”

  1. Tim nichols says:

    A secret

  2. Cory says:

    My wife doesn’t know how many notebooks I really have hiding…

  3. Erik Wise says:

    A SECRET. Sometimes I use pen.

  4. David H. says:

    One time I ate the rest of the chocolate chips in the pantry. xD

  5. David says:

    (I don’t think fountain pens are that great. Tell nobody.)

  6. Dan says:

    I have more pens and notebooks than I will ever use in this lifetime…

  7. Joshua says:

    I make sketchbooks as much for me as I do to sell

  8. Rose Wang says:

    A secret – I used to think pens were better than pencils. Now I know better.

  9. Sarah says:

    A secret…I am D.B. Cooper.

  10. dobro says:

    Pssst…Pencilheads are better lovers than Fountain Pen Geeks, pass it on…

  11. Steve G says:

    Some of my pencils are so cool that I don’t want to use them!

  12. Luke says:

    My wife doesn’t know that I only buy the ones because i like them. I can get anything I need from work.

  13. Janel says:

    I am a chronic list maker, but I don’t always cross everything off my lists. *gasp*

  14. rm says:

    I have a few…a lot…of partially filled notebooks.

  15. Bruce says:

    I keep a picture of Richard Grieco in my wallet.

  16. Ms. KettleBelle says:

    The man I love is incapable of loving me and still I stay.

  17. My secret is that I have waaaaay too many notebooks, journals, and sketchbooks. My husband must never find out!

  18. Anjali says:

    I shoplifted a handful of tiny blue seashells out of a bulk bin when I was like ten. I still have them somewhere!

  19. Mark says:

    I don’t like starting to write in new notebooks because I don’t think that I will have enough information to fill it.

  20. There was this one time at band camp..

  21. Brent A says:

    Sometimes I use Moleskine. shhhhh…

  22. dan-o says:

    Ahh im totally addicted to empire:four kingdoms

  23. Deric says:

    No matter what… I have to walk through the pen/pencil aisle before I can leave a store.

  24. Todd Hunter says:

    I’m scared of riding in a car. I do it anyway, but I’m frightened the entire time.

  25. Dino says:

    I really use fountain pens but have a secret love for pencils.

  26. Hailey says:

    My secret~ I am not doing my homework right now like I should be…

  27. Alice says:

    A secret…I hoard and hide notebooks and I don’t know why and I can’t stop.

  28. Andy P says:

    I seem to be using a fountain pen more than my pencils.

  29. Brian says:

    I spend all my time in the world of digital, but secretly lust over pens, pencils and paper.

  30. tani P. says:

    The revolution will not be pencilfied…or will it?

  31. AnnMarie says:

    A secret – I regret moving to Illinois for my husband. If he had moved, I think we’d be much better off financially than we’ve ever been here.

  32. Adrianna S. says:

    I have a compulsive need to buy (more) notebooks. I just can’t help it…

  33. Leslie says:

    I don’t tell my wife when I place a JetPens order. I try to get home before she does and secret it away.. Because she thinks I have TOO many pens already… But I also need notebooks, and journals, and sketchbooks and everything else.

  34. Antonio says:

    A secret: I sometimes sharpen a pencil from both ends. Yes, shocking.

  35. Pauline says:

    One night I was eating a grapefruit but I got sick of it. I went to the balcony and threw the rind into the dark backyard. From the sound that followed, I’m pretty sure I hit a coyote.
    Sorry, little dude! I know how much that juice stings!

  36. Mark says:

    One time, I pushed my sister down the stairs, and blamed it on the dog.

  37. Izzy says:

    I dropped a meatball on the floor last night but i still ate it. Im sorry.

  38. Rebecca says:

    I’m in college and sometimes I still watch Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

  39. Scott says:

    I would tell you, but then I’d have to……..

    Thanks for the giveaway and feeding my secret addiction.

  40. DirtyDogJean says:

    I hide all my extra pens and notebooks in the guest bathtub behind the shower curtain. I have to sneak them into my car trunk when we have company. I don’t want to hear, ” WHY do you have to have so MANY?”

  41. marybeth i says:

    I have to keep rearranging my craft room to make room for more ink, pens, markers, paper, etc. I think I have reached the threshold though.

  42. alice says:

    I ate half a box of cookies today. I’m not sorry.

  43. ishb. says:

    I’m not really allergic to crab meat.

  44. Peter Washkevich says:

    I have a stash of wasabi almonds.

  45. Alyssa says:

    I’ve been considering making my own ink lately. I just might try it.

  46. Andrea says:

    I’m active duty military and will purposely correct office correspondence anonomously in pink, purple or turquoise ink/colored pencil to make the grammar, punctuation, and spelling offenders even more ashamed of their mistakes. Bahaha.

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