1. AnnMarie

    A secret – I regret moving to Illinois for my husband. If he had moved, I think we’d be much better off financially than we’ve ever been here.

  2. I don’t tell my wife when I place a JetPens order. I try to get home before she does and secret it away.. Because she thinks I have TOO many pens already… But I also need notebooks, and journals, and sketchbooks and everything else.

  3. Pauline

    One night I was eating a grapefruit but I got sick of it. I went to the balcony and threw the rind into the dark backyard. From the sound that followed, I’m pretty sure I hit a coyote.
    Sorry, little dude! I know how much that juice stings!

  4. DirtyDogJean

    I hide all my extra pens and notebooks in the guest bathtub behind the shower curtain. I have to sneak them into my car trunk when we have company. I don’t want to hear, ” WHY do you have to have so MANY?”

  5. Andrea

    I’m active duty military and will purposely correct office correspondence anonomously in pink, purple or turquoise ink/colored pencil to make the grammar, punctuation, and spelling offenders even more ashamed of their mistakes. Bahaha.

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