1. dan-o

    I loved pencil fighting when i was a kid. I cringe to think how many really nice pencils met their demise in my hands. Oh well, boys will be boys.

  2. JB

    The Venus brand was the best. The wood was soft, so deformed rather than breaking. It lasted longer and won more that way.

  3. Sapphire

    I’d never heard of pencil fighting before. We had a similar game using horse chestnuts ( conkers). Make hole in the conker. Attach string. One holds the conker out on the string the opponent swings his conker and tries to smash the other. Each one smashed adds to the conker ‘ s prestige (eg a fiver). Smash a fiver and you get its past glories and become a sixer. The risk is the attacker’s conker is the one that breaks. Evil schemes like soaking in vinegar were tried to harden the combatants.

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