Erasable: The Pencil Podcast.

From the Primordial Ooze of inky stationery websites, the Pencil Bloggers have spread our Message on the web for years. Now, led by Andy, Tim and This Guy, we are happy to bring you Erasable, the Podcast. Episode one is up for the listening, and episode two, The Pencil Glossary, will follow in the next two weeks.

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  1. Wow! Nice! Awesome! Nice addition to the pencil world. Looking forward to more episodes. BTW, looking for the smallest traveling enclosed pencil sharpener. Have the Kum bullet but want something really small but enclosed to avoid a mess on planes, etc. Any ideas?

    1. Gary, I don’t mean this sarcastically, but Charlotte has a KUM that is a gummy bear. The bear is an eraser, and it works well. It saves enough shavings for maybe 2-3 go-rounds. It’s very small. I have a few very tiny container sharpeners, but they are either junk, or unbranded (can’t repeat?). I’ll see what I find in my boxes though. :)

  2. Thanks JG. After posting, I ordered a Midori bullet pencil from JetPens and found a small, pencil cap,sharpener that 1) will hold maybe 2x shavings, but 2) is pink! Don’t care (for this use) so gummy bears wouldn’t threaten my manhood! I suspect it’s cheap and may not last, but might work. Almost found at the bottom of my pencil box a small, dome sharpener I forgot I had. Made in West Germany, it might work fine, although bigger than i want, but much smaller than the Ellipse. Was more wondering if you knew of anything in the market. Might be ana interesting post about travel sharpeners. Certainly many good options if one doesn’t care about containing the shavings, but not much out there in compact solutions.

    1. The gummy bear is a nice little “gadget.” If I find them again, I’m getting more!

      That would be a good post topic, sir. I usually carry some kind of Wedge, and I am obsessed with curling the shavings into a saucer, like Mr. Hemingway. But there are times when I put the shavings into places where I probably shouldn’t. I left some in the potty once, and the Mrs. was a little worried. :)

  3. I am struggling with finding a good portable sharpener too. So far the KUM Automatic Longpoint is my favorite, but the blade that shapes the graphite dulls very quickly for some reason. So far the price is okay that I can either source replaceable blades or just grab a new sharpener at Utrecht when the blades dull. It’s a little bit of extra work, but those wedge sharpeners always give me those fragile needle points!

  4. Enjoyable first show – added to my podcast feed.

    You might want to look at leveling the volume between participants; the host’s voice was coming through much louder than the other two speakers, and it was a bit difficult to listen to on a portable device on the move.

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