1. Thanks for this review! I think I’d probably like the new look if there was no Mars Lumograph, but with the Mars Lumograph around my feeling is that it made the Palomino, which had it’s own unique look, something of a copy cat – and takes away from the Palomino’s specialness. I also think it’s not nice to use a design element of a well known pencil. It’s certainly not nice you you are a no name manufacturer, but if you are a well known brand and do this it’s even worse.

    • I suspect that the fate of the blue Palomino will be influenced by how much it would look like a Mars pencil, with that end cap.

      I’d suggest losing the white band — both to distinguish it from the Mars and to make it look SLICK.

      Also, if you’re reading, Pencils.com: If you make an erasered version of this pencil, a black ferrule and black (or orange) eraser would be excellent! Now that I think of it, this orange, with the minimal black print (sans barcode because they would only come by the dozen), a black ferrule like the one on the Rhodia pencil, and a NON-WHITE eraser would make a very attractive “writing pencil.”

  2. Don’t like it. Too much Lumograph, too much Halloween, not enough style and loosing the gold writing is a bad choice in my humble opinion. Losing the white stripe might be a good choice though (like the Bruynzeel pencils, although their idea with the different coloring is ace). Now the idea with the black ferrule and orange eraser… tasty!

  3. Adair

    Barcodes? Are you kidding me? That’s a pity. Barcodes ruin the look of many otherwise amazing German and Japanese pencils.

    I really hope the blue and orange eraser-tipped Palominos, made for writing, remain the same.

    • Woodchuck tells me that the erasered versions will stick around in their current form. But my beloved end-dipped blue will be gone once they sell out. :(

  4. Adair

    You mean the blue version of the eraser-less drawing Palomino? They’re cutting it? That’s a shame.

    I wonder why these changes. What’s the old saying, if it ain’t broke..?

    Somehow I can’t help feeling that the Blackwing revival hurt the Palomino line.

  5. Pisces6

    I’m not a big fan of the redesign. I’m attached to the old design, so it will take me sometime to get used to the new one.

    I think they already got rid of the blue, eraser-tipped Palominos because it’s no longer being sold on Pencils.com. I’m sad to hear that they’re eliminating the blue version completely if the eraser-less one is getting cut as well. The blue ones were my favorite.

  6. Adair

    I’m just not sure why a brand that had established its own iconic image so successfully should change it to resemble another brand. The Palomino is without a doubt recognized by pencil-lovers as a distinct item and as one of the very best pencils available anywhere. It gains nothing from echoing a Mars Lumograph or a Lyra or any other pencil. It has its own firm place in pencil history and quality.

    The loss, if it is actual, of the eraser-tipped blue HBs is terrible. I think that a company as popular as CAL CEDAR has been on the blogs (and that has profited so much from their attention) should have alerted their many fans about the impending changes and elimination of product lines. This would have given folks a chance to stock up on their favorites. It would also have allowed customers to make a case to the company for keeping the deleted lines and formats. I wonder if CAL CEDAR considered its customer base at all before making these decisions. Perhaps Woodchuck could clear up the situation for us on Timberlines. What exactly is being discontinued, or not?

    Last night in my stash I found a pristine, unused packet of six blue Palomino eraser-tipped HB’s. These are from the early days ; the pencils are a little shorter and are stored in a neat transparent case that one could slip into one’s breast pocket. It is a thing of beauty. Wish we could go back to that original purity.

  7. Pisces6

    After looking through the Pencils.com website, there is a way to get the eraser-tipped, blue Palomino pencils, however, you must purchase them in bulk (144 pencils). There doesn’t seem to be a way to get a 12-pack of blue, eraser-tipped pencils at this time. :\

    It does not bode well for those who are fans of the blue version since it just reinforces the notion that they are being phased out. My guess is that the new design makes the blue pencils look like Mars Lumograph, so instead of keeping the old design for the blue version, they’re just phasing it out now.

  8. Adair

    The 12-pack option seems to have disappeared, while the bulk HB blues say out of stock when you try to order them. Not good!

    Pisces6, you’re right. The new design would render the eraser-less blues too close to the Mars Lumograph’s looks.

    • Pisces6

      Well, assuming the description isn’t outdated, you might be able to get a blue HB eraser-tipped Palomino by buying the Palomino Collection Pack. >_>;

      I’m really going to miss the blue Palominos once they run out. :\

  9. Riccardo

    I’d be happy with any continuation of the eraser tipped Palomino HB. I think the new orange/white/black design with either a white or black eraser would look really nice.

  10. kevin p

    I have these Palomino pencils that look like the old ones, orange with gold band and lettering and no Japan imprint or bar code and no eraser. BUT they also, oddly, do not have California * Republic on them. Odd. I got them here in Korea and they are the best pencils I have ever used. We get all the German and lots of the Japanese pencils here (Hi-Unis, Tombow Mono 100 and Mono J) The Hi-Uni pencils were my favorite, but these Palominos are so good the Faber, Lumographs, Monos, and even the beloved Mitsubishi Hi Unis are all sidelined. Not keen on the new look. Perhaps I should stock up now while I can get the old ones.

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