1. Thank you for this thorough review! I would like to add a detail regarding sharpening the WOPEX, based on my experience: If you use e. g. the M+R “Granate” wich is economical because it produces thin shavings you will notice that it will more carve than cut, i. e. tends to slip and produces a lot of small shavings. Other sharpeners like some from KUM and those marked “W” from STAEDTLER produce thicker shavings and are therefore easier to use with the WOPEX.

    • Thanks, Gunther! It’s strange that, despite it being tricky to sharpen, so many of us are still so enamored by this pencil. ;)

      • You’re welcome! (Of course “wich is economical” should read “which is economical”.) I would like to add yet another detail I have recently discovered: The re-engineered KUM 400-5L sharpens the WOPEX very well.

  2. Nice to see a knife sharpened Wopex in your post! …and what a great review.

    It looks as if the Wopex’s unusual properties make us use it in different ways. While you sharpen them often I tend to get away without sharpening them for a long time – the only other pencil I can think of, off the top of my head, where this is the case is the Staedtler Mars in F.

    I tend to use what I think is few pressure with pencils, so I wonder whether few pressure gives you a fairly dark line, compared to a standard pencil, while a lot of pressure doesn’t increase the darkness and gives you a lighter line, compared to using a similar pressure on a standard pencil. I should try that out.

    The ferrule on the Noris eco, currently the only Wopex with a ferrule in Europe, is similar to the darker Wopex in your pictures. Is that the new American Wopex?

    • Thanks, Matthias! The darker one is the new North American version. I hope they keep them in the USA line-up!

      I have some of these to send you and to Gunther, when I get to the Post Office (hopefully by Friday). I miss the grip and glitter a bit, but the fit and feel of these make it a great pencil.

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