America’s Pencil: USA Gold.

We reviewed this pencil last year. The folks who sent them mentioned that the URL would be done away with. And they weren’t fooling. Now the pencils merely read:

AMERICA’S PENCIL        U.S.A. GOLD       2  HB

This is fantastic, especially for the school market. While General’s is close to my heart (and 125 years old this year!), they aren’t in the big-box stores where families typically stock up for school. The USA Gold (Silver) line keeps American-made pencils in the hands of The Kiddies like no other manufacturer these days, after Sanford and Dixon moved their production out of the country in the last decade.

And, while some Comrades might find it boastful or silly, I really like this pencil’s new Slogan. And I officially call for a return to pencils having Slogans (“Half the pressure, twice the speed” — “A bottle of ink in a pencil”).

3 Responses to “America’s Pencil: USA Gold.”

  1. speculator says:

    Yes, indeed!
    And perhaps you remember the radio jingle for Ticonderoga pencils:
    -Sung to the tune of “Yellow Rose of Texas:”

    “Ticonderoga Pencils
    Have won their way to fame
    As a fine American pencil
    With a fine American name.”

  2. Cynthia Swaffors says:

    Just want to say that I love, love, love America’s Pencil!!! I teach third grade and these are by far the best quality pencils, and the easiest to sharpen. I only wish all of my students had bought these. I will be looking for your brand when I do my weekend school shopping.

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