America’s Pencil: USA Gold.

We reviewed this pencil last year. The folks who sent them mentioned that the URL would be done away with. And they weren’t fooling. Now the pencils merely read:

AMERICA’S PENCIL        U.S.A. GOLD       2  HB

This is fantastic, especially for the school market. While General’s is close to my heart (and 125 years old this year!), they aren’t in the big-box stores where families typically stock up for school. The USA Gold (Silver) line keeps American-made pencils in the hands of The Kiddies like no other manufacturer these days, after Sanford and Dixon moved their production out of the country in the last decade.

And, while some Comrades might find it boastful or silly, I really like this pencil’s new Slogan. And I officially call for a return to pencils having Slogans (“Half the pressure, twice the speed” — “A bottle of ink in a pencil”).

20 thoughts on “America’s Pencil: USA Gold.”

  1. Yes, indeed!
    And perhaps you remember the radio jingle for Ticonderoga pencils:
    -Sung to the tune of “Yellow Rose of Texas:”

    “Ticonderoga Pencils
    Have won their way to fame
    As a fine American pencil
    With a fine American name.”

  2. Just want to say that I love, love, love America’s Pencil!!! I teach third grade and these are by far the best quality pencils, and the easiest to sharpen. I only wish all of my students had bought these. I will be looking for your brand when I do my weekend school shopping.

  3. I am a teacher’s aide for an elementary school and I sharpen ALOT of pencils. I wanted to commend you for making an excellent pencil. The quality of your pencils is the best by far. They don’t get eaten by the pencil sharpener like other brands. Thank you for making a fine quality pencil!!

  4. I believe that the newest rendition is thicker than those that were reviewed previously. The wood grain versions no longer have the finger joints and appear to be made from a more contiguous length of wood. Although the erasers are shorter than some competitors, they may be more effective, so that shouldn’t be a deterrent to their purchase.

    1. They new ones are very nice pencils indeed! I’m glad they are improving their pencils. Imagine, it’s 2014, and an American-made pencil is getting *better*! (Not being the least bit sarcastic.)

  5. U.S.A. Gold Pencils are such a Blessing! Teaching the children has been spectacular in and of itself. Having the proper tools allow us to do our work w/ more satisfaction. Thank you. Sincerely, Virginia A. Bagwell – Sullivan, ME

  6. These are the best pencils I have ever used. I have been teaching for over 20 years and have sharpened thousands of pencils.

  7. These pencils are terrible. When i sharpen them with an electric sharpener, the led breaks off. I have sharpened 50% of them to the eraser. I’m not impressed and WILL NOT refer them to any of my fellow teachers.

  8. it snapped the lead every time I sharpened it)) I bought a 24pack of America’s pencil USA gold hb2, although they were at a great deal for those counting their change for school supplies, once we got halfway through the pencil, it snapped the lead every time I sharpened it. Come with the specific sharpener in a box of 24 or higher, that’s what you need to do to get me to buy more of your brand.

  9. These pencils are awful. Every time I sharpen them the lead breaks! By the time I’m done sharpening there is no pencil left. The poor kids in my class waste more time waiting for pencils to be sharpened. It seems like the led is broken all the way down the pencil! This apparently seems to be a problem… how do you plan to fix it???

  10. I have tried every pencil imaginable and have found that America’s Pencil sharpen the best. The lead does not break. Love love love your pencils.

  11. I’m not a teacher and it was A LONG time since I was in school, using a pencil to write with ! Further, I’m in the UK.
    On a trip to Fort Lauderdale a few years ago my wife bought me a pack of these pencils from a WalMart (it was Christmas and we set each other a challenge to buy a range of Christmas gifts for the other totalling under a fixed amount, in a WalMart, within an hour’s shopping time or something). And I received these ‘America’s Pencils’.
    I like writing with a pencil – great for short notes and they’ll write on surfaces where ballpen isn’t so good (every done a land survey in the rain ?!)
    Wooden pencils seem to be a rare thing nowadays – they’re there if you look, I know, but I couldn’t find any in the local convenience store (over here) one time and that annoyed me. A perfect piece of simple design – mark making from an erodable ‘lead’ and a wooden casing to strengthen and contain the marking medium.
    I just love it how you guys are applauding the simple pencil and come across as connoisseurs of the different brands !
    I’ve loved using every one of my ‘USA Golds’ – mine have sharpened well and not been at all ‘break-y’. For me they’re a little piece of America on my desk and in my briefcase. Gotta get back to your lovely country soon and stock up !
    Take care all and thanks

  12. These are the worst pencils I’ve used in my 16 years as an educator. Once the lead breaks on the presharpened pencils they are worthless. No matter what type sharpener you use, the lead falls out or breaks. Waste of time and money.

  13. USA gold is the only pencil I buy anymore all the others break when sharpened the people who say they break are either not getting the real USA gold or got a bad pack that must of slipped by inspection all the other brands I’ve tried were the ones that broke upon sharpening , USA gold is the best pencil I’ve found

  14. The pencils are thin which in my opinion is nice. The pencils however sharpen poorly the lead breaks or sharpens balisticly. Though the wood is cedar; it’s cheap. The pencil in general is not that good.

  15. I’m with those who have had a great experience with USA Gold no. 2 pencils. I’ve had no experience with breakage while sharpening. (I use a KUM handheld sharpener.) The eraser doesn’t last as long as the pencil, usually, but that’s more of a comment on my crossword skill than the quality of the writing implement. The erasers do seem to be more immune to drying out than some other brands.

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