1. Apologies for the unusual photo formatting. My camera was dead during the time I had set aside to finish this review and wasn’t charging quickly enough. So these were taken and edited on my Android phone.

  2. These are by far sturdier than the Sav-a-point. I’m not sure I like the look of them any more or less. I really like the simplicity of the Sav-a-point. It’s so ridiculously simple. It might be inelegant but it does the job. I noticed that the pack i just purchase (of the sav-a- point) has 2 different sorts of plastic. One is crystal clear and quite rigid. The other was clear but with a white tinge. It was also much more flexible. I haven’t broken a single Sav-a-point, but the crystal clear SaP has cracks.

    • The cloudy ones are definitely more durable. :)
      I have a few left from a pack of the clear ones (circa 2010) that have honest-to-goodness gold sparkles in the plastic. Oh, the awesomeness (I hide this from my kids currently).

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