1. I love Gallery “leather” books. I put leather in quotation marks because they use a particle leather product, where the leather is ground up into bits and pieces, formed into a sheet and then the top surface is pressed and colored into whatever color they want. The other side is covered in pressure sensitive glue. That is not to say that I think that their products are no good. In fact, I think their stuff is awesome.

    I’ve met a bunch of their staff (worked with their kids when I worked at Trenton Elementary School) and they are good people. Gallery Leather is one of those places that started in Maine and has stayed in Maine. I appreciate that a lot.

    But their leather is most like a cotton/poly blend than what I consider real leather.

    • I miss those Goodkind Pens that were made in Maine. They were recycled wood, with vegetable-based ballpoint ink. They moved to the upper Midwest, I think — if they are still even around.

      • I believe they also made a style called the “woodie” with laser engraved touristy things. I was gifted one with “MAINE” engraved into it. I couldn’t find a refill so I used a drill bit to install BIC stic guts. It works pretty well.

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