5 thoughts on “Summer Time.”

  1. I was looking for a sharpener for some Berol Alpha 245 pencils. The pencils are quite thick. Last week I was at the local Home Depot and found a sharpener which is made for the flat carpenter’s pencils. This sharpener, marked C.H. Hanson, is made to sharpen the flat carpenter’s pencil to a round point. It does a beautiful job on the Berol Aplha 245 and gives a nice long point. Other sharpeners for wide pencils usually give a very short point. The sharpener costs just under $3.00 (U.S.). I bought two of them. I like the long point better than anything I have been able to do by sharpening the 245 with a knife.

    1. I love the curve those sharpeners can give to pencils. Next time you’re in the HD pencil aisle, check out their tube of 15 pencils fro $3.49. They are pretty nice, and made in the USA to boot. And very ORANGE.

    2. Jeff, I have been looking for Berol 245 pencils everywhere and haven’t been able to locate any. Do you happen to know where any more are located or be willing to part with a couple of the ones you have? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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