The Roost: A Blog at Thoreau Farm.

For some reason, I had no idea that this blog existed until tonight, when I renewed my Thoreau Society membership dues (which were late): The Roost. Check out the post about sleeping on hot and humid nights here. Coming off of our first official heat wave of the summer, I feel like some very un-Thoreauvian planet-killer; we have central air conditioning that I am not shy about using on nights like this, though I suspect central Maryland was far hotter and stickier than Massachusetts was.*

With Mr. Thoreau’s birthday coming up and my trip to Massachusetts coming up next month, Henry is on my mind a lot lately. What would he think of a pencil blog? Would he just be happy people do things without computers? Would he be appalled that I prefer a wedge sharpener to a manual knife?

Would Henry listen to our podcast?

*At least the few years I lived there were not as terrible as a Maryland summer.

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  1. You know what Johnny, it hasnt yet been hot enough in Michigan yet. But, your post got me thinking- when I grew up in India, it was routinely 115 deg and 90% humidity for pretty much 8 months of the year, with no air conditioning. Plus, about 50% of the time, there was no electricity either. Did not know better, I thought, we just didnt complain, and tried to go on with life. Didnt do too much writing though.

  2. I am not asking the Weather Gods for more summer, but we get such extremes in Maryland that it’s hard to acclimate to the weather. We literally have 100+ temperature differences — crazy. :)

    We all said, this winter when it was 3 degrees F that we would not complain about summer. I’m trying not to yet. :)

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