Power Pencils.

Power Pencils! Watch the video, and then come back. Honestly, we will wait.

This came to HQ last weekend. Power Pencils are magical pencils (!) with magical powers — though the magic happens only by certain practices and under the auspices of certain rules. These are some rules of the Dragon Pencil, for instance:

The pencils are marked via Lazer Beam, burnt into the wood with pleasing effects. The Pencil of Desire:


And the Dragon Pencil:


You will notice that the pencils are dyed differently, shaped differently and have different erasers and ferrules. I don’t know why, but I enjoy this fact. These are not factory-stamped pencils churned out massively.


How do they write? I don’t know yet. I have not gathered the correct circumstances in/with which to work their magic. So they remain virginal and latent currently. This will change soon, and I hope to report back.


In the meantime, you can buy your own singly, or as a subscription via the Etsy store. Shipping is $2.50 for the $5 single pencils and $15 for the subscription. I really like the subscription model, echoing the Field Notes we all know and so many of us love. This would be a great gift, and the two samples we received for free have been hidden because of the advances of certain Magic Thieves in this HQ.





3 thoughts on “Power Pencils.”

  1. I’m curious how they write as well, but really…would any of us keep sharpening these and write them down to nubs? Doubtful, other that certain Magic Thieves you mention. :-)

    Also curious how he does the engraving and wonder if you can tell from your samples. Think i’ll get a sub anyway just cuz it’s good to support folks who do this sort of thing…and then I can spend hours in angst: sharpen? no/yes/no/yes. Sigh.

  2. Gary,

    I share your sighs. I am so anxious to get some of these that meanwhile I have decided to get a couple of each. One for the sharpening and usage, the other one for the keeping. Unless they write so well … in which case, back to the sighs.

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