Power Pencils.

Power Pencils! Watch the video, and then come back. Honestly, we will wait.

This came to HQ last weekend. Power Pencils are magical pencils (!) with magical powers — though the magic happens only by certain practices and under the auspices of certain rules. These are some rules of the Dragon Pencil, for instance:

The pencils are marked via Lazer Beam, burnt into the wood with pleasing effects. The Pencil of Desire:


And the Dragon Pencil:


You will notice that the pencils are dyed differently, shaped differently and have different erasers and ferrules. I don’t know why, but I enjoy this fact. These are not factory-stamped pencils churned out massively.


How do they write? I don’t know yet. I have not gathered the correct circumstances in/with which to work their magic. So they remain virginal and latent currently. This will change soon, and I hope to report back.


In the meantime, you can buy your own singly, or as a subscription via the Etsy store. Shipping is $2.50 for the $5 single pencils and $15 for the subscription. I really like the subscription model, echoing the Field Notes we all know and so many of us love. This would be a great gift, and the two samples we received for free have been hidden because of the advances of certain Magic Thieves in this HQ.





2 Responses to “Power Pencils.”

  1. Gary says:

    I’m curious how they write as well, but really…would any of us keep sharpening these and write them down to nubs? Doubtful, other that certain Magic Thieves you mention. :-)

    Also curious how he does the engraving and wonder if you can tell from your samples. Think i’ll get a sub anyway just cuz it’s good to support folks who do this sort of thing…and then I can spend hours in angst: sharpen? no/yes/no/yes. Sigh.

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