Pencil Sharpener Give-Away!

Troy has graciously offered up another Classroom Friendly Sharpener for a give-away. These beauties produce a crazy long point and are build to last (see our 2010 review). The winner gets to pick the color, though the give-away is limited to Comrades in the United States.

To enter, leave a comment on this post with  your New Year’s Resolution. You can lie, but please enlighten us with the truth. Please do share this with your Comrades who might enjoy such a fanfreakintastic sharpener.

You get an extra entry if you listen to Erasable Episode 22 (about pocket notebooks) this weekend and leave another comment here reporting on Johnny’s “Tools of the Trade” for Episode 22. These won’t show up, but we’ll know you entered.

We will close entries on January 24th at 11:59 pm EST. We will pick the winner at random and notify the winner by January 26th, who will have one week to respond before we pick a new winner.

Thanks to Troy for the opportunity to share the Heavy Metal Love.

175 thoughts on “Pencil Sharpener Give-Away!”

  1. Pencil Resolution 2015:

    Take more time away from the computer used in my machine design job and improve my perspective pencil sketching techniques based on Scott Robertson’s book How to Draw.

  2. This year’s stationary-related resolution is to stop hoarding and start using all the pretty pencils, pens and notebooks I’ve managed to collect over the years.

  3. Happy new year to all! This year my two goals are to work on my posture/sit up straighter, and to relax my grip on my writing instrument (I tend to death-grip my pens & pencils).
    Thanks for the excellent blog and giveaway!

  4. My New Year’s resolution is to spend the few idle moments between appointments and other activities to try to discover the history of some of the pencils I own.

  5. I can’t win this because I am from the antipodes, but I will join in. I am getting a studio space and working on a return to exhibition. This year is my art year. I will just have to get myself a new sharpener :-P

  6. Only revolution, er, resolution I made was to journal in a 12-volume Calepino small notebook set I bought, one notebook per month (the set with inked big initials for each month on the cover). Commitment so far? eh……

  7. My resolution: write more with good pencils!! The only thing better than a good pencil is a good pencil sharpener. Alan

  8. I want to use all my pencils to draw more. i do plenty of writing, but then run out of things to write about. I want to start drawing and doodling just so I have another reason to use my wonderful pencils! :)

  9. My goal for 2015 was to journal every day. I’ve already failed, but I am now trying to see how many days in a row I can go and if I can go one better than last time.

  10. To travel more to different courthouses and archives to research my family history. They require the use of pencil and finding this blog has helped me enjoy it a lot more.

  11. Our New Years Resolution: to wildly succeed in our first year of homeschooling, which can clearly only be done with precision sharpened pencils.

  12. This year, I’ve resolved to improve my penmanship. I’ve begun with daily practice of the Getty Dubay system. I practice by keeping a journal as well. This is quickly leading to a love of quality pens paper and pencils!

  13. I resolved to start carrying woodclinched pencils instead of propelling pencils. I’ve got “perfect pencils” and pencil shields. So far – 2 weeks into the year – I’ve been pretty successful in having one every day. Have converted a few colleagues to pencils as well as fountain pens too !

  14. My new year’s resolution was to stop entering contests on stationary blogs! :)

    (and add another day to my gym routine)
    (and be satisfied with the pencils I have…)
    (And make the Dean’s List!)

  15. My 2nd Entry-

    Johnny enjoyed a Sam Adams Escape Route Lager (I gotta try that) and was using a Staedler Noris HB pencil to write with.

  16. To step back and review a request for something to be done. Asking is it something I needs to do, can others do it, is it something I can do with others or just not do. I have a tendency to take on projects, not waiting for others to step up and do or help me do.

  17. My resolution is to strive to make the best use of my time. Its important to have down time, but am I taking longer breaks than I need? Is there something worthwhile I could be doing?

  18. My resolution this year is to leave work at a decent time (because no matter what there is always more work to do!) and get home cook dinner more often. My classroom would greatly benefit from one of these sharpeners.

  19. This is going to sound ridiculous but my resolution is to make hot dog buns & sub buns from scratch….I already make all my other breads from scratch (sandwich, hamburger, bagels…) but I want the hot dog buns to be a “pretty” shape and I can’t seem to master it…so I gave up. Time to revisit it. Umm…should my resolution be about pencils/writing? Lol

  20. My New Years resolution is to eat cleaner and to watch my mouth. I want good things to go in and good things to come out. ;-)

  21. This year I will not lose my cool over children who constantly need to use the “quiet” electric pencil sharpener that sounds like a jet taking off and eats pencils without sharpening them!!!!

  22. I resolve to encourage my students to write more in 2015… We are focusing on argumentative writing…no arguments, that requires a sharp pencil!

  23. My number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight in order to get pregnant and have a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby!

  24. One of my resolutions is to be more organized in my classroom. My kindergarteners would really benefit from one of these awesome sharpeners!

  25. My resolution for 2015 is to eat healthier and workout more so that I can live a long life with my soon to be husband. :-)

  26. Re Johnny’s “Tools of the Trade” for Episode 22, thanks for the tip on CW Enterprise’s blog. I knew about the website, but had missed her blog.

  27. Johnny was enjoying a Sam Adams Escape Route Lager, (nice choice!) and writing with a Staedtler Noris. None of the Staedtlers have erasers right?

  28. Love this sharpener—would love a 2nd one in my classroom.

    My resolution is a non-resolution, really. I decided to just be the best me I can be this year.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Eraseable Podcast 22

    Well done and entertaining. Made me once again think hard about hoarding materials as opposed to using great materials. Pocket notebooks and quality pencils are meant to be used, however with the spiraling downward quality of so many materials and the spiraling upward cost of top quality materials, I can not stop my penchant for a certain level of hoarding.

    Good show!

  30. I want to start a spanish class at my home. My kindergarteners love learning spanish. I just want to devote more time to them.

  31. one of my New Years resolutions is legitimately to win this pencil sharpener. I am an elementary art teacher who is very particular about the sharpeners used on colored pencils. One of my colleagues has this sharpener and I keep trying to win one but I haven’t been successful yet. Sometime this year it will happen….keep the faith!

  32. My wife came up with the best one yet and as a family we will defiantly fulfill our new years resolution.

    To eat 52 cartons of ice cream, but they have to be 52 different kinds, no repeats.

    I suggest everyone do this as well. The good part about starting now would be that you have to play catchup.

  33. I hope to get more homeschooling done with both girls if we can ever keep a pencil sharpened long enough to write our answers. I have tried different sharpeners and different pencils only to have the beautifully sharpened point break upon putting pressure and then back to the sharpener. When we’re really frustrated we bring out the lead pencils but then we have too much pressure.

  34. My resolutions for the year are to read at least 40 books this year, and to write a letter (in pencil, of course) to each of my daughters every week.

    My daughters are 10 and 6 now, but I plan to write the letters in a journal that I can give to the girls when they are older.

  35. Personal goal – want to save money so I can get a new car

    Professional goal – not taking papers home to grade…

  36. 2015 I resolve to give away some of the over 300 pencils I’ve collected over the last few years for my 365 pencil project I did a couple years ago. Love the blog!!

  37. I actually don’t make new year’s resolutions because I hate breaking them. I did try to have a more positive attitude after coming back to teaching after the two-week holiday break and it stuck for about a day!

  38. My resolution is to go back to writing actual letters through the post! I’m doing well–almost one per day since the year began!

  39. New years resolution – to actually be resolute in my decision to pack light and work hard. It’s far too easy to collect pencils, pens and notebooks and not produce, record, plan or reflect. Yep. Loving the podcast guys.

  40. So a comment on Johnny’s tools of the trade? I love that Gary at Notegeist carries Johnny’s German writer (NORRIS!!!).

  41. I’m a first year teacher and this product was recommended. However, being a new teacher, mom of 2, and a former student in debt w student loans I cannot buy this. So my New Years resolution is to send hand written thank you notes to all those who help me, and who give me free stuff ;)

  42. My New Year’s Resolution is to learn how to balance things in my life better. Being a first year teach error I hadn’t heard of your pencil sharpeners before but now I think that it would be amazing for my classroom. We are on pencil sharpener #3 since August!

  43. My New Year’s resolution is to get moving. I need to begin exercising! I am going to start with walking! Also, I desperately need a pencil sharpener!

  44. Not a resolution but a declaration. I will write one hand written note to a friend or family member each week and snail mail it.

  45. My New Year’s resolution is to journal daily. I’ve been requiring this from my students but often feel I’m too busy to follow the same practice. So far it’s been great, and usually I’ll write several pages in a day.

  46. I can’t figure out if what you guys are drinking is also considered a tool of the trade…but:
    – Sam Adams Escape Route
    – Staedtler Noris HB with a pink end cap

  47. My resolution is to buy more books for my after school kids to be able to read books even when they do not have their own during homework. I also want a better sharpener so I can keep their pencil box filled with sharp pencil to motivate them to do their homework when they are with me.

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