6 thoughts on “Ain’t No Fault.”

  1. I notice it’s a B. Do you use this for writing or sketching? I’m a writer, really need to find a home run writing pencil — dark graphite, not in need of constant sharpening. The General Cedar and General Hex come very close, both in HB. But would you recommend this in B?

  2. One of my favorite pencils as well! I have fount the General Semi-Hex No. 1 to be a little harder than the General Kimberly B, and to be a great “go-to” pencil for writing. Musgrave’s Ceres No. 1’s are great writing pencils as well. I like the Musgrave pencils because they aren’t rounded and are a better fit for my fingers. The Mongol 480 HB now marketed by Paper Mate is a great round pencil. Very dark for an HB and the point lasts. It’s round, and that’s cool for a different feel.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that there is no industry standard for grading pencil graphite hardness. One company’s HB is softer or harder than some other company’s HB, and so on up and down the hardness scales. It seems that the relative “hardness” of the graphite is strictly within that particular company’s product line. In the end, it’s a matter or personal choice as to which you find to be the best.

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