Learning Cursive.

Kids don’t learn cursive in school any longer. It’s a useless skill, apparently, unlike Algebra, which I use twenty times before I’ve finished my third cup of coffee.* For a year or two, the death of cursive writing is at least a monthly topic I have read about on social media, complete with outrage and negativity.

Someone is doing something about it, though, rather than bellyaching. Cursive Logic is a straight-forward system which teaches cursive logically and quickly. After twelve years of Catholic school, I don’t think I could learn more about cursive, being steeped in some bad habits born of rebellion in college, where I could print in gel to my heart’s content. But having a daughter who turns five this spring and who wants to learn cursive, I can see by reading this workbook that she’ll be proficient in cursive writing quickly enough to astound her teachers, as soon as she’s ready to begin this workbook.

And, of course, I checked out the paper in the workbook, for it’s suitability for pencil. Conclusion: they picked this paper on purpose for its pencil friendliness. I know it.

You can back this system on Kickstarter. With seven days to go, the goal is achievable with some endoftheline help from Comrades like you. If you want to contribute toward kids learning cursive, do contribute to this project. Pledges start at only $25, which is a small price to pay for helping kids’ brains. And we all benefit from smarter kids.

*Of course, I kid. The French press is an art, not something which requires precision, to be duplicated.

(We received an advanced copy of the workbook for the purpose of review/promotion.)

3 thoughts on “Learning Cursive.”

  1. i know I’ve banged on about this before but it still seems to me that this is a non question. If you teach children to write at all and don’t actively prevent them from doing so, they will eventually start joning some of the letters together because they will find that they can write faster that way than if they print. And that’s all the word cursive actually means. The problem comes when you take the joins and try to turn them into a presciption for writing. That IS a useless skill like drawing, singing, sport, and lots of other skills that don’t make and sell products for profit. Just write and join the letters that make it easier and you have cursive – no need to teach it.

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