Help Huckleberry Woodchuck.

From Jon, co-creator of the Twist Bullet Pencil:

As you now know Jay [Huckleberry Woodchuck] lost his home and shop in a fire the other night. I’m hoping to raise some funds to help him out through a raffle of one of our prototype bullet pencils. After the first prototype we made 6 other for the Kickstarter photos. These are slightly different than the production ones. Biggest difference is the eraser end is not threaded so it will not hold the pocket clip & cap system we have. It also only accepts the white erasers (I’ll include a bunch)

So the raffle is for the pencil shown with all four bullets. A bunch of erasers and some Blackwing 602 pencil nubs. Thanks to Cliff Gillies we also will include a Northerly Edition single.

Each raffle is $5 paypal friend and family to I was originally targeting 3/31 but may extend a bit to raise more.

Please do enter this raffle, and please help to spread the word to help our Comrade Jay!

More and more folks are contributing, including your friends at Pencil Revolution and other, more Famous Names from the stationery community. Enter, and tell your friends to enter!


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